Qmiomo – “Do You Know How It Feel”

Rapper Qmiomo shares a raw and honest new release “Do You Know How It Feel” discussing the way life has brought him down while helping him become the best man he could possibly be. He shares these stories through his passion for music.

His artist name Qmiomo, signifying “made it on my own,” displays his tenaciousness to create the life he desires all on his own terms. “Do You Know How It Feel” takes all those life changing experiences and creates an inspiring story all set on fast-paced Rap/ Hip Hop instrumental beats.

The music video shows New Jersey based rapper Qmiomo walking around with a picture reminiscing on him and his brother’s past. He taps into the all the trials and tribulations he experienced from a very young age, such as being in jail since the age of 16, growing up without a father and only having him mother’s support as a child.

Each memory the 24 year old rapper shares dives deeper into how life expereinces shape our futures in such a way that has the ability to inspire others to appreciate what they have.

Stream “Do You Know How It Feel” down below:

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