R&B Producer Summers Ovver Teams Up With Tré Kent On “Trust Issues”

R&B producer, songwriter, and independent artist Summers Ovver join forces with R&B independent artist Tré Kent on the latest “Trust Issues” signaling the desire of a relationship, taking us on a blissful journey filled with charismatic melodies and personalities connecting with the audience in the most powerful way possible.

“Trust Issues” is one of those songs that takes us from one state of mind into another with Summers Ovver smooth productions and Tre Kent’s vocals. The single rekindles old memories of love with an increased amount of passion detailing how trust issues can run through relationships in a deteriorating way.

MD native, Summers Ovver, releases this newest collaboration carrying a soulful tune lifting us into the captivating artistry of artists such as Trey Songz while focusing on Hip Hop and R&B productions to find new angles in some of the world’s most popular genres. Finding inspiration in Bryan Michael Cox, Rodney Jerkins, and Brian Mcknight, he finds a unique sound carefully highlighting his beats instantly raising our moods and making us want to replay his music.

Tré, who is heavily influenced by Prince, Chris Brown, Tupac, and musical genres R&B, Soul, Pop, and Rap music is building a lane of his own with experiences in gospel quartet music, playing the drums and piano while undoubtedly drawing listeners in with his single releases already featured on local radio stations.

Popular Summers Ovver productions include “Slow on You,” “Song for You”, and “Synergy” while Tre Kent is known for his singles “Do You Care?,” “Ready,” “What My Name Is?,” and “Bitches n Ice Cream.” Stay tuned for the release of their collaborative EP “incase you’re alone tonight” dropping this Valentine’s Day.

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