Rachel Huggins Inspires Growth In EP “Keep Dreaming”

Classy presentation. Powerful vocals. Intriguing storyline.

Singer-songwriter from South London, Rachel Huggins, inspires listeners to pursue their biggest dreams in the latest contemporary Soul, R&B, uplifting jazz-infused debut EP, Keep Dreaming. The 6-song EP unpredictability encourages a deeper introspection into where our lives are headed and encouraging listeners to pursue growth every single day of our lives with an undeniably infectious and charismatic production, evocative lyricism, and smooth vocals taking us back to her former days in a gospel choir.

Standout single “Take Control” explores the moments of jumping into the frightening yet sometimes necessary fight or flight mode after leaving a stressful employment situation inspiring her to focus solely on her music career. “It’s about acquiring freedom to express without inhibition,” Huggins expresses. “Sometimes we care so much about the thoughts of others we lose ourselves and momentarily become what others want or expect whilst suppressing who we really are. I chose to fight and encourage people along the way.”

The instrument-driven single along with the lively and inspirational “Keep Dreaming,” thought-provoking R&B-driven “Opportunity Knocks” displaying her collaborative presentation with collaborating partner LyricL, confidence-ridden “Feels So Good” appreciating how someone makes her feel on a daily basis, “Do Better” encouraging us to do better in any way we can, and EP closer “Freeness” amplifying emotions of finding freedom in everything we do each transforms an old school sound into a modern melody creating a once in a lifetime listening experience. The entire EP Keep Dreaming is an invitation to face our toughest battles while enjoying the contemporary Soul, jazzy, R&B grooves moving throughout the rest of the songs.


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