Radio Free Universe Anticipate Release Of New Album “LOVE”

Radio Free Universe is set to release their newest song “Love Right Now” with an accompaying music video on February 28th. This leads up to the release of their highly anticipated album LOVE on March 27th.

LOVE features an irresistible amount of Rock, Alternative, Funk, and Pop sounds all at once for listeners of all walks of life to enjoy. “Love Right Now” will be a highlight of the band’s style as ethereal guitars and a steady beat give way to falsetto-punctuated verses throughout their songs.

“Social media has created an atmosphere of divisiveness,” vocalist and guitarist George Panagopoulos says. “The song is talking to me, because I’m such an asshole on my Facebook profile to people I disagree with. I’m realizing what I need to do is be more inclusive and understand why others have the ideas they do—even though I disagree with them. It comes down to seeing the humanity in others, listening, and accepting them.”

The latest single released off their LOVE album is “She’s High Again,” a mellow revelation of his ex-girlfriend getting high again and again as her loneliness outside of their relationship leads her to the only thing that can help her forget everything that’s going wrong.

Stay tuned for the release of LOVE, jampacked with songs to get you in the mood for a long drive anywhere.


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