Rafi Bar – “Beginning” feat. Yitzy Heilbrun

Rafi Bar keeps the party going in his newest Dance/EDM EP “Beginning” featuring musician Yitzy Heilbrun. The five-song collective quickly sets the mood for a fun, unforgettable experience.

Starting with “City Boy,” the song features sounds and beats that you’d typically hear in Youtube travel videos. It escalates from a mellow, calming beat to an exciting mix that makes you want to clap along.

“Manana” brings exciting, sensual Spanish vibes to the EP with unique, energizing beats while “Sindersky” and “Index” come along for the stimulating journey. All three singles bring their own distinctive taste that automatically speaks to their listeners as they find one the one they enjoy most.

Find yourself lost on the dance floor with this new arm pumping single to get the crowd moving along with you! “Fall Away”is a fun and energetic mix of Dance sounds that instantly get you on your feet. The groovy, uptempo of the is enough to lift you from a bad mood.

Rafi Bar has a knack for creating music with things that aren’t musical, which he uses to create a variety of songs perfect for a night out or while taking a stroll down the park. Take a look at what sounds he can make with a simple jar of coffee.

Overall, listeners will find themselves enjoying one or more tracks on “Beginning” with electrifying beats that will find a to enter our consciousness and leave behind a high-quality range of emotions. Listen to the full EP down below:


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