Random Weekend Brings Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L & Pook Hustle To “Fire by the Lakehouse”

We’re excited to introduce a fire new collaborative EP including powerhouses Random Weekend, Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L and Pook Hustle titled Fire by the Lakehouse. 

Their contradicting yet cutting-edge sounds compliment the distinct elements brought on by each member. Fire by the Lakehouse is a collaborating blending genres, personal production styles, and vivid lyricisms to merge an interesting take on today’s world and their emotions.

“Mess” opens up the EP with a fresh look on how situations change all the time with people being affected all over the country throughout this entire year. Its slick production includes Pop synth beats and raps we can relate to after listening to the EP.

“Security” includes their authorative raps about watching your back everywhere you go. They hype themselves up as they take turns on the mic and a Hip-Hop/Rap beat guiding their slow yet powerful words.

Pook Hustle mentions how “Contradictions” was created in 15 minutes as the train of thoughts began flowing in his mind inspiring him to speak his truth on the hypocrisy in history and its portrayal in mainstream media outlets. Induced with a catchy hook and raw bars, this track doesn’t hold back from what’s real.

“WhatsHisName” closes out a smooth, eclectic EP discussing topics of importance giving off a feel of how each artist does their own thing. The track hypes up the idea of getting out there and living your life enough that people all around are asking “whatshisname?”

Fire by the Lakehouse is one of the best collaboraions coming from this talented trio in the music industry. Don’t sleep on them – they’re about to take over.

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