RAÍZ – “Nightmare”

Swiss born, Portuguese & Angolan singer/songwriter RAÍZ debuts his single “Nightmare,” which ventures into a newfound appreciation for authentic and edgy Pop bangers fused with London’s multicultural music scene.

RAÍZ, meaning ‘root’ in Portuguese, found an opportunity for growth during a time of solitude to write and co-produce his newest EP Saudade, coming early 2021. He finds his voice in this debut EP titled Saudade, meaning a longing for something that has been.

“Nightmare” is an introduction to the magic coming in the future from RAÍZ. The single introduces listeners to the beginning of a tormented love story in a electro pop and RnB style. Lyrics like “Promises don’t last, nothing ever does” and “I’m running out of time, still looking for a lifeline” echoes the relatable feeling of having false hope in the relationship yet finding a sense of detachment to continue living his everyday life. The tumultuous journey of the “push and pull” relationship is fueled by a modern 80’s vibe and carefully crafted vocal versatility.

Inspired by The Weeknd, Majid Jordan, and Gashi, “Nightmare” creates a seductive, 80’s electro-pop production we can’t help but keep playing all day. As RAÍZ provides us with an intensely honest and vibrant new track, we can’t wait for the release of Saudade giving us an inside look to his musical capabilities.


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