RAÍZ — “Over You”

RAÍZ follows the release of his debut single “Nightmare” with the addition of  “Over You,” which details a failed one-sided relationship with his impressive ability to combine carefully placed sounds with melancholic lyrics that connect with listeners.

The Swiss-born, Portuguese & Angolan singer/songwriter has previously allowed his sincere storytelling to lead the way with profound lyrics, nostalgic rhythms, and alluring harmonies that catch us off guard in such a good way.

“Over You” follows his signature musical style with a modern 80’s vibe persisting with a predominant baseline and sharper vocals that come into play with more talkative energy that feels more like a conversation than an unemotive recollection of events. Its smooth harmonies take on an edgy and millennial pop that invites listeners to enjoy the short 2-minute track filled with engaging electronic synths and energizing guitar riffs rather than being strayed away from its story.

RAÍZ is a natural-born storyteller that is creating songs that can instantly become relatable to anyone going through similar situations. Find “Over You” on all streaming platforms and keep an ear out for the release of his upcoming EP Saudade.

Saudade follows the notion of having a longing for something that has been while featuring “Nightmare, “Over You” as its second single, and more songs diving deeper into his creatively inspiring life stories.


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