redbook  –  ”Little Friend”

Impressive new duo redbookcomprised of Swiss-born Soraya Grosso and British-born guitarist Jake Tweddle, release their newest single “little friend” describing how we may finds ourselves trapped in unappreciative moments thinking about what others have in their lives.

The single showcases their raw, vulnerable lyrics merging with the the duo’s familiar sound filled with passionate and honest stories that people can relate with and easily want to share with their friends/family. If you’ve ever dealt with thinking the grass is greener on the other side, redbook is here to remind you that it truly isn’t. Enjoy what you have and share what you can with the world whenever you can!

“And i knew it right there All we have is okay all we need is right there/ I was soaring away All my troubles in stead But all I need was there” redbook sings about having everything they truly need in order to live a happy life. They remind us to be happy with what we have while spreading the joys of everyday life.

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