Reniery – “La Lucha”

This is for the hustlers putting in the work each day and night to keep their dreams alive.

Hoping to inspire the younger generations surrounding him, Reniery provides a positive outlook on life in his latest single “La Lucha.” His positivity shines a light on everything currently afftecting the world negatively, which he reminds listeners to keep grinding and how we must continue “la lucha” every single day if we want to prosper.

Reniery sings and raps over a stream of electronic synths and fast-paced beats with a “dalé” and “okay” periodically appearing to hype up listeners as they listen to “La Lucha.” The new single flows with encouraging and inspiring lyrics for anyone who needs it.

The New Orleans based artist channels his experiences while being raised by parents from Honduras in his music releases. It’s by creating songs inspired by his life that he’s been able to find a way to battle with the adversity he’s met in life and continue the daily grind.

He keeps us hyped up and focused on the end goal with one final message about the marathon never stopping. “Keep on hustling and don’t let anyone stop you!”


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