Retro Alternative Rock Band PIGPEN JONEZ Releases Socially Conscience Rock Music EP Livin’ In Delafly Side….1

The EP, Livin’ In Delafly…Side 1, is the first release for the retro-alternative rock group, PIGPEN JONEZ.

Founder, songwriter, and producer Glen Valentino, along with his life long friend and multi-talented collaborator, John Noonan, have crafted five songs of original material that pay homage to the music that has inspired them all their lives. Joining them on this release is a fine collection of friends and musicians who help them evoke the art of songwriting that has permeated rock n’ roll over the last 60 years.

The duo’s opening track “Today”, has a Beatles flavor and lyrically guides us through many issues facing our world….today 🙂

On The Hill” is an important song set in a 70’s funk pocket. The track addresses lower-income neighborhoods across the US that have been stuck in poverty for far too many years.

Delafly (Mix 2)”, is the dreamy story of a place where people are sent after they fall off the righteous path.  Noonan’s infectious groove hits hard from the first note, making it almost impossible not to want to boogie. “Superstar” looks at depression and self-love while navigating life’s difficult times. The psychedelic flow is highlighted by the laid back and soulful lead guitar of Greg DeLuis, a master player and master luthier. Finally, guest vocalist Talia Kudan, along with the growling guitar work of Tim Butler, take us down the “High Way Home”. Talia emotionally belts out this jazzy torch song about celebrity addicts who are exploited by the media for profit.

Please enjoy Livin’ In Delafly…Side 1 and keep an ear out for ….Side 2, available sometime in 2021.
To all be well, GSV

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