Rev. Peter Unger – “The Sounds of Christmas”

As the Christmas holiday slowly appears, Rev. Peter Unger is one of those artists releasing holiday music to spead more cheer.

Influenced by different musical artists and his Christian church, Rev. Peter Unger creates music with the sole purpose of uniting people with their religious beliefs. His usual calming, inspiring, comforting, prayerful, and Grace-filled songs are slowly making a difference in our lives with the newest addition of “The Sounds of Christmas.”

“I write my songs with the hope that they will impact a listener inductively, I want them to be able to arrive at any spiritual insights they might gain on their own rather than having me tell them what to believe.” Rev. Peter Unger said.

He adds, “I feel I have a much better chance of reaching them with an empathic spiritual message where I share their struggles spiritually while offering up insights un-coercively.”

The lyric video for “The Sounds of Christmas” praises Christmas time as he mentions the special moments we share when we spend time with our families keeping our spirits high, doing good for our communities, and spreading love all around. The beautiful images in the video inspire to get more decorations up and inviting those we care about to our special gatherings.

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