Rise-Ascend – “Goodness: Let It Come Through”

Inspired by the good that uplifting others can do, Rise-Ascend spreads some positivity with his newest single “Goodness: Let It Come Through.”

It’s very easy to tell people to be good, but the feeling of optimism strarts to circulate through us as we listen to the affirming lyrics that everything in the world will be okay with more love and selflessness. What feels like a slow church song meets R&B meets Kanye West sound, the single starts off with a mellow flow of harmonic vocals as it ascends the volume with a tambourine in the background.

He speaks of showing up for others during the difficult times in life and being kind to others, specially when we don’t always know what’s going on in other people’s lives.

His passion for music is apparent and can hopefully inspire a new young generation of listeners to do more good.

With the goal of inspiring people with his music that comes from the heart, he’s well on his way to reaching people who need his music in their wolds. This is the kind of music that makes a difference.

Read more of his thoughts and new music releases on his blog right here! Listen to “Goodness: Let It Come Through” on all streaming platforms!


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