Rise-Ascend – “The World Needs…”

Rise-Ascend releases a gentle, time-relevant new single that discusses how the world is currently in a state of needing more feelings of empathy from one another. “The World Needs…” reflects Rise-Ascend and his thoughts on everything currently going on and how we need more “truthfulness, compassion, forbearance” in order to grow.

“The World Needs…” is driven by the importance of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. It’s essential to share kindness with the world to continue living in a world that brings nothing but love from one person to the other.

The single flows smoothly with each instrument sound coming in tune with every word he sings. Listeners will feel a soothing emotion as they listen to the crystal-like sounds flowing across the track and his inspiring lyricism grasping your attention from the first listen.

Rise-Ascend aims to uplift others with his words, which is something he effortlessly does in his single releases. Listen to his past releases as well for an inspiring boost of motivation to go out there in the world and do some good with others.

For more information on Rise-Ascend, check out Rise-Ascend’s blog to read his thoughts and stay informed on new music releases!


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