Rock3t – “Cuban Ice Cream” ft Raidel

Rock3t teamed up with Raidel on their collaborative single “Cuban Ice Cream” released back in 2019. Trap/Rap instrumentals steadily unite with their entertaining storytelling quickly turning their listeners’ heads with each word.

The accompanying music video shows Rock3t and Raidel living the life of luxury filled with the latest fashion trends, large stacks of money flying all over the room, and the company of fun-loving partygoers ready to have a good time. The entire video shares a feel-good vibe as they rock out to Rock3t’s and Raidel’s catchy lyrics keeping the party going for the rest of the night.

Raidel brings his own Latin touch to the single with the mention of the way he’s been able to live his life on his own terms without caring what people think of him. Their collab perfectly meshes together in this single showing how their personalities complement one another from the very beginning.

“Cuban Ice Cream” isn’t the only single where Rock3t instinctively delivers his best performance. His cumulative 220,000+ views on Youtube and 150,000+ streams on Spotify not only show the results he’s been able to achieve by putting in the work but also how well he connects with his audience. Stream “Cuban Ice Cream” and his latest releases on all streaming platforms today.


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