Roy Shakked – “I’m Telling Everyone”

We’re excited to introduce you to Roy Shakked, who’s been featured on many hit television shows including Sex and The City, Nip/Tick, Beyblade, Teen Titans Go!, Independent Lens, CSI Miami, and Greenhouse Academy.

Roy Shakked, a composer, producer, and recording artist, gears up to release his EP I’m Telling Everyone including five songs breaking down a few ideas he wants to share with the world. Available this upcoming July,  I’m Telling Everyone shares his most inner thoughts in groovy, slow-paced tracks “Oblivion,” “I’m Telling Everyone,” “Natalia,” “Five Days a Week,” and “I’m Winter.”

“Five Days a Week” begins with an impressive range of instruments coming in one by one to form a united single. It’s extremely catchy and will have you singing along! Drums, piano, upright bass, congas and a shaker liven up this fast-paced track on The visuals are enticing with small frames showing each member playing their instruments.

“I’m Telling Everyone” flows smoothly with drum filled, gentle beats that are entertaining and instantly bring listeners in. The lyric video includes vibrant, cool graphics that comes along with the easy flowing song about honesty, love, and creating your own life as you please.

If you enjoyed these two releases, make to check out the rest of Roy Shakked’s EP I’m Telling Everyone coming July 6!


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