Ruth Kelly Draws Listeners In With 5 New Singles

With the release of 5 new singles, Ruth Kelly draws listeners in with her unique vocals and high tempo beats meant for dancing the night away.

The first single, “Blindside,” depicts a heartbreaking moment when she felt blindsided by the other person’s actions. The single starts off slow then picks up by the end of the song with Ruth Kelly taking the opportunity to show off her high range of vocals.

“Only You” is an adorable Pop love song where she shares the strong feelings she has for that one person. It not only makes you think of your crush, it gives listeners a rush of energy with the background beats doing its thing. Make sure to share this with your crush or partner next time you see them!

“What Is Love (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)” is incredibly beautiful and more than I imagined the song would sound like. Ruth Kelly handles slow songs like this with grace, care and an intense dedication to her craft. Accompanied by a single piano, background vocals and her enchanting voice, she has taken “What Is Love” to a higher level than most covers do.

The “Blindside (Garage Remix)” does the original single justice with uptempo beats taking its time to shine in between her verses. It’s perfect for any occasion unlike the smoother, calmer original version more fitting for a night in or while going through your feelings.

The cover for “We Found Love” starts off slow until the simplistic single picks up and makes us believe every word she says. It’s a gentle reminder to take your time as an artist and allow the lyrics to reach the listeners before moving onto the next word.

Overall, Ruth Kelly is an incredible musician with an array of vocal performances perfect for any occasion. Currently in the studio working on new music, you won’t want to miss out on the songs already released! Check out the singles above and let us know which one is your favorite!


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