Sami Chohfi – “Extraordinary World”

Sami Chohfi finds there’s a bigger purpose in this world than just living it day by day. Described in the single “Extraordinary World,” he ventures out into other countries discovering how his journey across the globe would have a huge influence on his life.

“Extraordinary World” assists his desire to help third world children by buying shoes for them with the profits from his songs and in many other ways. The music video was filmed across five different continents over the course of two years, written and performed by Sami Chohfi, filmed by Sami Chohfi, Alexandre Suplicy (drone footage), and Jon Meyer, and edited by Jon Meyer.

“On my journey across the globe I have found that the true gem is the people,” Sami Chohfi said. “My hope is that you see yourself in one of these extraordinary people in this video. We are all the same across this Extraordinary World, I only hope we one day realize that there is no divide, so we can live a much happier and fulfilling life.”

Sami Chohfi mentions the origin of this song:

The song was inspired by a man Sami met born with no arms who made the most amazing jewelry with his feet. This man not only fought to contribute to this world but had the most beautiful and positive outlook on life and people. He donates some of his earnings to help others who are disabled in his community. What an inspiration he was, and should be to anyone who has the pleasure to meet him while visiting Siem Reap.

“Extraordinary World” is a part of the full length album Extraordinary World displaying his appreciation for the world we reside in and the positive experiences he’s had in this lifetime.

If you enjoyed “Extraordinary World,” make sure to check out the rest of the album, available on all streaming platforms!


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