Saudy Familia – “Only You and Me”

New York is booming with fresh talent ready to share what they’ve got with the world – including Saudy Familia, a Dominican-born composer, songwriter and drummer releasing music like “Only You and Me” that attracts young American and Latino audiences to the rhythms and sounds of the beautiful Caribbean.

Saudy Familia was influenced to follow his passion for music at the age of four-years-old through singing, which later turned into elevating himself as a musician and becoming a Jazz and Latin Jazz Drummer and Pianist. Influences like Brian McKnight and Marc Anthony inspired him to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music as a Composer and Arranger.

“Only You and Me” is Familia’s first Salsa composition telling the story of meeting the love of their life and embarking on a journey of beginning a romantic relationship. Featuring Rose Stoller on vocals, it would be difficult to tell that this is his first attempt at creating a Salsa based track.

The heartfelt lyrics and stunning vocals skillfully come together to share an overwhelming feeling of love. His talent as a writer and composer overflows through this love-filled track that screams “summer love anthem.”

This new single from Saudy Familia displays his tenacious drive to create his own unique sound blending elements of R&B, Salsa, Jazz and Latin Jazz. We urge you to listen to “Only You and Me” and share it with your friends and family!


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