Sean Trelford Announces New Single “Dearest One”

January 2021 – Sean Trelford is a talented new artist with a focus on creating groundbreaking music that blurs the lines between a wide range of genre definitions and creative influences. Somewhere between the appealing edge of indie rock and the lo-fi twist of dreamy bedroom pop, this artist managed to locate a musical goldmine of great melodies and charismatic hooks. Sean Trelford’s most recent studio release, “Dearest One”, stands out as a perfect representation of how the artist can seamlessly blur the lines between these different ideas in such a way that they coexist harmonically and in synergy with one another.

This excellent production comes highly recommended to any fan of songwriters such as The Pixies, Mac De Marco, and Beat Happening, only to mention a few. Despite an affinity with the aforementioned artists, Sean Trelford definitely stands out with a sound that feels unique and forward-thinking. The wide range of sounds and ideas portrayed on this record are truly remarkable, and it’s amazing to hear how much focus and care went into the making of this fascinating studio release.

Find out more about Sean Trelford, and do not miss out on “Dearest One,” which is currently available on the web.


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