With a growing passion for creating meaningful songs that move people towards change while moving along to the optimistic beats, Seekay releases “Wiser” to display his mastery of what makes music appealing to others.

“Wiser” speaks of the positive times shared on the dance floor while throwing away their fears for an affectionate night filled with emotional breakthroughs. He quickly gets the party going with transcendent instrumental beats and thought-provoking  lyrics such as “All those things you said to me/those times I couldn’t breathe/ Was it a role you just played well?/ Thinking back it’s hard to tell.”

Australian musician, songwriter, and producer Seekay captivates listeners with emotive concepts that cause us to think about his overall message. The single “Wiser” is comprised of these two questions that he posted in a detailed post on Instagram asking fans: “How mad are you?” and “Is this person helping me be the best that I can be or not?”

We truly recommend you check out the single to build your own perspectives on his messages while enjoying the beats that keep us hooked from the very beginning! We’re excited to see what else comes in the future from Seekay.

Stream “Wiser” down below:


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