Selena Gomez Surprises Fans With Two Unannounced Heart-Breaking Singles

Breaking her social media hiatus, Selena Gomez breaks the internet with two emotional releases that discuss her past breakups.

In “Lose You To Love Me,” Gomez sits in a black and white room while staring directly into the camera and describing her pain. Visually appealing, this video allows her emotions to overwhelm the viewers with emotions that she’s been holding on to for the past few years.

“Lose You To Love Me” is the first step to letting the world know that she’s doing just fine. “I feel a sense of relief. I wrote this song over a year ago … and I feel completely different from when I wrote it,” she said on On Air with Ryan Seacrest. “It’s more beautiful for me because I know exactly where I was when I wrote it and how I felt.”

Unlike “Lose You To Love Me,” Gomez in “Look At Her Now” is much more confident and sure of herself. She’s not the sad person that’s in the first video anymore.

Although both of the new songs were written about the difficult breakup, this song is like a big “F” you for the hurt and pain she endured afterwards. “Of course she was sad/ But now she’s glad she dodged a bullet/ Took a few years/ To soak up the tears/ But look at her now/ Watch her go” she gleefully sings.

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5 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Surprises Fans With Two Unannounced Heart-Breaking Singles

  1. Rather interesting to read about this and though I am a big fan of Selena Gomez, I was clueless as to know that she has released new singles. Wow! Thank you so much for this. I will try to go for a better platform to get access to listen to the song. I am glad that Selena is finally back. Thumbs up to you for sharing all these here

  2. Wow!  So I was curious, despite not being a fan of Selena Gomez or her music, so I had to read and listen to her songs here.  I really did like the first one.  It was beautiful, and sad, but awesome, too.  Glad to see she’s moving on.  Especially from that jerk.  ^_^;  Thanks for sharing!

  3. Celebrity relationships never seem to go very smoothly or last very long. I can only imagine the pressure one would have when every relationship decision is being monitored by paparazzi. It sounds like Gomez went through a tough time and it’s great that she’s finally recovering. Hopefully she doesn’t have to go through something like that again, but I guess you never know.

  4. Now, these songs have the tone of pain in them but then, since Selena Gomez is the one that sang it NAD ive been meaning to understand the reason behind her past breakups, so these new releases would ve the reason I will finally have the right answers to my questions. Great one here and though I watched the vide, I will still need to go download the song.

  5. Wow, those are really beautiful songs in a beautiful voice. ‘Loose you to love me’ is one of those songs that get you spinning in emotions for a while. I love that she had a second song to show how she is recovered from the heartbreak. This will surely resonate with a lot of her fans.I don’t know why I have not been following her music.Thank you for highlighting this.

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