Sharvesh – “Trance”

Life can be so surreal sometimes that certain moments can put us in a trance and unsure of what’s coming up next. Sharvesh drops his newest song “Trance” discussing that feeling of being in a trance and going through life without a specific direction.

Sharvesh, an emerging hip hop artist from India, easily puts his anger and frustation into his music through darkly melodic lyrics and dope beats. His current mixed emotional state comes off through this relatable and honest track.

“Trance” is ultimately a pretty chill track that you can vibe out to while going through your day. He collaborated once again with mixing engineer Matthew JS Raj from Chennai, India to bring his musical ideas to life, perfectly fitting with his memorable melodic/ emo rap style of music.

Check it out down below:

“Trance” follows the release of “Voices,” a revelatory track diving deeper into the feelings of having voices in his head while still being in a calm state of mind. Each new release gives listeners an inside look into his thoughts that make him an artist to watch out for this year.

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