Shifra Jacobs Anticipates The Release Of “Safe and Sound” Coming This January

Shifra Jacobs delivers an honest perspective on the previous relationships that have shaped her present moment in life in her upcoming single “Safe and Sound,” set to be released on January 6th. Jacobs promises an even more raw and honest outlook into the diverse feelings she’s felt while she also experiments with new sounds creating a whole new Shifra Jacobs to look forward to hearing in the future.

The 22-year old singer, songwriter, and producer born in London and currently living in Jerusalem first began releasing music in 2017 to further dive into the journey of dealing with her mental health, as displayed in her debut EP Some Days with over 100,000 streams to date.

“Safe and Sound” will set the tone for the vulnerable new singles she’ll release after this one. After cycling through topics of mental health, addiction, and how the relationships in her life have had a long-lasting impact, Jacobs displays a renewed sense of vulnerability as she lets listeners in on the new experiences she’s had in the previous year when it comes to love and relationships. “It’s about being afraid to accept the safety and comfort of a good, new relationship, and what if it goes wrong?” she shares.

Find the release of “Safe and Sound” on all streaming platforms, available on January 6th!


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