SHIKA Releases “Pisces Girl” Alongside Empowering New Music Video

“Pisces Girl” was written at the start of the pandemic after moving halfway across the world to do lockdown with my parents, I was feeling a bit lost and displaced. I wrote it in a bid to find who I was at the time and really come back to myself. I felt really lonely and it was about being let down by everyone that had come into my life.

Independent Lo-Fi, R&B, Alternative Hip Hop artist SHIKA releases the self-produced track “Pisces Girl” drawing influence from the likes of Banks, Kali Uchis, Frank Ocean and Khrungabin. SHIKA sings about feeling lonely and lost with smooth dark-toned vocals over a breezy beat.

SHIKA takes inspiration from her time living in London, Tokyo, Dubai and Australia, just to name a few. Her insight into the variety of locations and cultures she’s interacted with have been an exciting part of her journey leading to the lonely times felt throughout the pandemic that inspired “Pisces Girl” to come into fruition. The UK artist is just getting started with this new release following “You’re The Worst,” sharing a true taste of who she is and her personal experiences.

Check out the newly released music video down below:


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