Sir Jeffreey 5d – “kinG of Beaverland”

Sir Jeffreey 5d is developing his own transcendental hip hop artistry with both lyrically and instrumentally songs quickly placing him on the ones to watch as we enter the new year with his newest released mixtape kinG of Beaverland.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Jeffrey Lewis who’s also known as Sir Jeffreey 5d, creates songs that hit home with a relatable tone of connecting with listeners through the release based on real-life stories. He delivers an incomparable sound brilliantly displaying his undeniable talent, further inspiring him to aim high for a coveted spot on the admirable XXL Freshmen List.

He includes familiar soundscapes into the five-song mixtape from old school video games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, which will become one of the most enticing parts of listening to him while reminding listeners of the glory of these past video games!

Everything from the powerful opener “K.O.B.,” to the honest and confident “The B.W.P Code,” to the smooth “California Lover Ballad” displaying his softer side to “Momma’s Blessing” appreciating how his mom has been there for him through thick and thin to the catchy final song “All Blaque” is immaculately memorable. It definitely keeps listeners on a high and unexpecting what’s coming next. Fans of Kid Cudi, Marvin Gaye, Chet Baker, Frank Sinatra, Hendrix, and Marley will find comfort in the incomparable sounds of Sir Jeffreey 5d.

Along with the main focus on music, Sir Jeffreey 5d is also the founder of Neefer Clothing Company, published authorfilmmakeractor, and podcaster. kinG of Beaverland is an unbelievably well-produced mixtape changing the way people look at Hip Hop. Stream kinG of Beaverland everywhere today!

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