SirWillyD – “Toxic”

Rock band SirWillyD, fronted by singer William Duncan, has released their latest album Toxic featuring 13 songs incorporating their unique styles while bringing back that old gritty 1980’s Rock feel into the 21st century.

SirWillyD currently has two albums and a few singles available to give their fans a taste of what their music is all about. This album puts together the desire to let out all the pain felt in a toxic relationship.

Toxic includes a grungy foundation of laidback drum hits, hardcore guitars, and deep intriguing vocals wrapped into one head-turning project. Their stories told through impeccable writing captures the process of getting out of a toxic situation and finding their freedom once again.

The last three tracks include basement jam sessions giving the album a complete feel of the band letting loose and enjoying every second of their tunes. It displays their passion for creating music together from the powerful introduction “Toxic,” attention-grabbing “Power,” to the sentimental “You Hurt Me.” Each track features a different range of sounds and vocal ranges that mix well as a whole.

Toxic is now available on all major music streaming platforms including Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, YouTube, Tik Tok, and more! Which track is your favorite on Toxic?


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