Sky Santana Seeks Some “Clarity” In Her Life

Sky Santana drops the catchy new single “Clarity” asking for some clarity from someone who she feels wronged her. The 26-year-old gender-fluid artist based in New York City uses a variety of alter ego’s in her music to break down gender norms that help her redefine what it truly means to be an artist.

“Clarity” is just the beginning of a timeless range of music coming next year. She sings “I feel like I need (some therapy)/ you tried to fight but you (can’t escape me)/ my brain is racing for (some sanity)/ my heart is bracing for (your clarity)” as she questions when this person will come and fix their wrongs. The single flow on a slow tempo experimental instrumental allowing her voice to pop off and share her message.

Stream “Clarity” on all streaming platforms and lookout for new music from Sky Santana coming soon!


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