SMSN – “Locked In”

SMSN is a Toronto based artist born in Scarborough from Nigerian and English backgrounds. His sound is derived from an urban lifestyle and propelled by diverse influences including but not limited to Pop, Funk, RnB, Soul, Rap and Gospel. SMSN composes with an emphasis on songwriting and is presently active in orchestrating all aspects of track production. Using his vocals as an instrument, he delivers new music that stands apart from current industry expectations while being familiar enough to captivate a wide audience. SMSN brings to life catchy works that vary in content from urban lifestyle to social consciousness and love, showcasing a new unique direction for music coming from Toronto, Canada.

SMSN has released music since November of last year with two music videos and seven singles out to date. His next single, “Locked In,” released Friday, November 13th to an enormous global reception. SMSN will be releasing single each month for the remainder of the year while he works on his debut EP. Talks on how to out do the last music video are well under way as we speak so keep your eyes ‘locked’ on SMSN in the next few week through Instagram and


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