Snowk Drop New Single “I’m Lost ft. J.O.Y” & Announce Upcoming Album

The collaborative production duo Snowk release their newest single as well as announce the upcoming album dropping on January 22nd. Japanese musicians Namy and Fuminori Kagajo have united to produce music heavily inspired by the greats in the genres of R&B, Acid Jazz, and House music.

They united with vocalist J.O.Y (Judgement of Yesterday) to create the “I’m Lost ft. J.O.Y” filled with blissful melodies, and a reminiscent sound to the likes of Duke Dumont, The Weeknd, and Parcels. Stay tuned for the release of their upcoming album available in January!

“We first started the track as a remix of another song but later on, we found that the rhythm and the overall mood of the track was embodying every aspect of our project “Snowk”. We decided to keep the instrumental and in a hurry sent it to a vocalist, J.O.Y. We really like the final version of the track, and we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!” Snowk shares about the new single.

Powder Album Tracklisting

01. Aura

02. Under The Moon ft. J.LAMOTTA Suzume

03. Catching Feels ft. MARICELLE

04. Margarita ft. Froya

05. This Is Good ft. Miraa May

06. Forever ft. Ari De Leo

07. Good Love ft. Lee Wilson

08. I’m Lost feat. J.O.Y

09. It’s Real ft. Lee Wilson

10. Miyanomori ft. Froya

11. Sunrise ft. Shigge & Froya

12. Matsuzaki

13. Back To Love ft. Lee Wilson


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