Sofi Tuckker Released New EP R.I.P. SHAME, PT. 1

American musical duo, Sofi Tukker, recently announced their next EP R.I.P. Shame, Pt. 1. will release on September 20, 2019.

R.I.P. Shame, Pt. 1 – Tracklist:

  1. Swing
  2. Playa Grande
  3. Ringless
  4. Purple Hat
  5. Fantasy
  6. This

Their upcoming six-track EP comes after the release of the new single “Swing.” You will feel like you’re in an epic battle while listening to this song. In the song’s music video, Sofi Tukker begins the songs with a war that resembles a war field in a video game. The colorful electric shocks like the ones typically in video games brighten the room and reel you in. The lyrics of “Swing”are sung in high and low nodes that go into the electronic beats. Throughout the video, the duo is filled with sorrows, lust, and greed, ending with both of them showing their special powers.

Sofi Tukker’s first single off R.I.P. SHAME, PT. 1 EP, “Playa Grande” was released this past May. “Playa Grande” features fellow electronic duo, Bomba Estéreo. The video for this song pictures a beautiful island and a lot of underwater scenes that are very soulful and peaceful. This song isn’t having any special or scientific effects that usually their songs videos have. Sofi Tukker uses low pitch and smooth piano notes that refresh the mind with relaxing backgrounds and surrounding environment.

We’re not sure what to expect from Soffi Tucker in this EP but we’re definitely excited to hear their new music!

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