Solo Tyree Shares Nothing But Love In Latest Release “Christmas Love”

Singer-songwriter, Solo Tyree, releases heartwarming Christmas single “Christmas Love” for that special person in his life, which he first debuted on Christmas Eve.

Titled “Christmas Love,” his latest release is about wanting to be around that number one person on Christmas but sadly not being able to see them. It breaks his heart when all he wants to do is spend time with them and spread the love around at the end of the year.

In the video, Solo Tyree walks around empty streets in the night bothered by the fact that there isn’t the single opportunity to see this person on the biggest holiday of the year. The visuals are enticing as the streets are illuminated with Christmas cheer all around him, including a giant “Merry Christmas” sign at the end of the video.

His calming personality and sweet demeanor shines through the video from the start until the very end. He’s created a track that draws similarities to R&B singers like Ne-Yo, Usher, and Chris Brown with his vocal range and beats switching in the background.

Solo Tyree carefully includes this single into his music catalog that offers unique and refreshing sentiments about love. The melody leaves a long-lasting impact as his captivating performance shows his creativity and artistry through the visual and musical choices for the track. It makes anybody who listens feel loved and appreciated during the holiday season.

Make sure to listen to Solo Tyree on “Christmas Love” and spread the Christmas cheer!


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