Son of Cabe – “Whistler”

Electro indie-pop duo Son of Cabe releases “Whistler,” their newest single compartmentalizing the way toxicity and pain can make someone feel like escaping it all in order to feel better.

Comprised of Conor McCabe (Vocals, Guitar, Writing & Production) and Jack Holland (Drums & Production), the UK based duo finds influence in the complexities of the 80s pop, electronic, and indie music genres to create addictive singles filled with impressive storytelling and indie-pop productions.

Frontman Conor McCabe describes feeling a strong sense of escapism due to the worldwide events we’ve experienced this past year as well as the toxicity found in his environment. Fantasizing about getting away from everything feels like the only way to truly cope with everything going on on a daily basis. The relevancy of the single can be taken back to the situations we’ve all encountered this year.

“I was sick of constantly reading depressing stuff on the news and the negative people I was surrounded by. It just felt toxic, and not the kind of environment I wanted to be a part of. “Whistler”’s me desperately fantasizing about the idea of running away with someone to a better place, a better quality of life,” Conor McCabe said.

Son of Cabe got their start performing at pubs and clubs all over London with features on BBC Introducing the South and performances at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. “Whistler” keeps their signature upbeat energy with drum-drenched sounds and lyrically pleasing melodies. It’s an unexpectedly enjoyable, catchy song filled with the blues of the year.


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