Sonic Radiation – “Roentgen”

Sonic Radiation, the one man show founded by artist Todd Last, releases “Roentgen” featuring all the EDM, Electronic, Progressive House, and Space Age EDM elements we love to hear in an electronic dance single. This musical genre takes us out of our element to truly enjoy the mystifying energy pulling us towards the change in beats with an uplifting bassline.

His music is the kind of EDM vibes needed at any occasion that puts us in an energetic, inspired mood. As heard in the newest release “Roentgen,” he creates an intense, futuristic, party vibe fusing together his inspirations found in Astral Projection, Depeche Mode, Front 242, Gary Numan, Rush, and Star Wars. These blends are unique to who Last is as an artist as well as a music lover who truly loves EDM.

The Dallas, Texas based solo artist Todd Last creates modern and experimental music with the use of synthesizer grooves and beats that intertwine modern music with electronic dance music in a way that doesn’t feel forced but reminds us of other elements, such as the extraterrestrial sounds heard in the Star Wars series. His lifelong experience with a spinal cord injury caused him to find new ways to enjoy his life after his accident in Hawaii. Recovering meant pursuing his dreams of releasing EDM music in a way that worked for him while expressing his hope to connect with others through their passion for the musical genre. Forming Sonic Radiation gave him that feeling of being able to fulfill his purpose once again.

If you haven’t heard, “Roentgen” is now available on all streaming platforms! Listen down below and let us know your thoughts!

The new single “Roentgen” is the product of a mixture of sounds coming together with his previous musical experience that allows Sonic Radiation to create music including a large burst of high energy that can inspire listeners to let loose regardless of what may be going on in their lives.

“Music and sci-fi always excited me as a youngster,” Todd Last shares in our interview.”When I got older, I discovered electronic music and wanted to make some too. Sonic Radiation was a moniker I thought fitted my style. Sonic Radiation aspires to express hope, energy and reverence for Electronic Music and life.”

One of the best parts about Sonic Radiation’s music is that he sticks to the roots of what makes electronic dance music what it is today. “Roentgen” is an example of the way he manipulates the beats into a way that creates timeless classics that can live on for many years to come.

Play and download free electronic dance music and music videos from Sonic Radiation here!



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