Sophie Dorsten – “Tomorrow”

Indie-Pop/Folk singer-songwriter Sophie Dorsten spellbinds listeners with her beautiful original songs and carefree, fun covers. Her voice is nothing like you’ve heard before as she sings straight from the heart.

Her latest single “Phasin'” comes before the release of “Tomorrow,” which will be available on May 15, 2020. She gives it her all with a mature voice that’ll instantly blow you away.

“Tomorrow” slows it down with an acoustic guitar that harmonizes with her voice while complementing the heartfelt lyrics. Listeners will find comfort in her voice and lyrics filled with tons of emotion like “I can hardly breathe now/How do I breath/Tomorrow.”

The combination of gentle instrumentation, genuine lyrics, and astonishing vocals should inspire you to play “Tomorrow,” it’ll definitely be worth the listen!

Sophie Dorsten hails from Phoenix, Arizona, where her musical talents haven’t gone unnoticed. As a member and volunteer at the Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center, she’s helped other young artists get their start while discovering new opportunities in her career such as performing the National Anthem for the Chicago Cubs, LA Dodgers, SF Giants, and Oakland A’s.

Stay tuned for the release of “Tomorrow,” a must-hear single of the year.


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