Staxkk – “Game Time”

New York-based rapper, producer and engineer Staxkk drops his latest single “Game Time” off his EP STAXKKSEASON.

Born and raised in The Bronx, his early beginnings jumpstarted his passionate start in music with his main influences Pharrell Williams and Ryan Leslie igniting a fire in him to hustle for his musical dreams beginning with the release of his debut mixtape N.S.W.T (N Staxk We Trust) back in summer 2013.

“Game Time” is keeping his foot on the gas with an amped-up release based on moving forward regardless of the trials and tribulations coming your way. His confident approach to making music is evident in the short three-minute track creatively digging deeper into how the biggest moments in our life come after that period of staying in hustle mode and making things happen.

The tranquil electronic, Hip-Hop beats create a dope production unique to his deep vocal range and stylistic choice in raps. Things are looking up for Staxkk, who’s reeling in the delight of dropping a new EP. Check it out on all streaming platforms!



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