Stephanie Jeannot & John Mueller featuring Bruffdacrowdpleaser – “Brooklyn”

New York based Singer/Songwriter, Radio Show Host, Recording Artist Stephanie Jeannot is showing us her appreciation for New York with the release of her newest single “Brooklyn,” showing admiration for the beautiful borough of New York City.

After starting her musical journey in the church choir, Stephanie Jeannot has been sharing her gift of music all over the world. Since then, she has gone on to perform with notable acts such as Jennifer Holiday, musical director Ray Chew, pianist and songwriter, Lenny Underwood of Unlimited Touch, and songwriter Fred McFarlane.

In “Brooklyn,” she describes growing up in many amazing parts of Brooklyn, New York. It’s where a a majority of her life experiences happened, creating incredible experiences that she’ll never forget. The single is part of her 2020 album The Stephanie Jeannot & John Mueller Project with visuals sharing her favorite places such as her alma mater Medgar Evers College, crowds coming together on a hot summer day, and the streets where everything came together.

The entire album was created during quarantine with John Mueller from Chicago, Illinois, who wrote the bass, drums and guitar while Jeannot added in the piano, vocals and lyrics.

“Brooklyn” is a beautiful reminder of going back to our roots and appreciating the place where we grew up in. Listen to the rest of the album on Spotify and catch her as the host of the radio show Jazz on the JNote, a jazz based talk and music show, which airs each and every Sunday on and on WNYE 91.5 FM on Sunday evenings at 7:30PM EST!


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One thought on “Stephanie Jeannot & John Mueller featuring Bruffdacrowdpleaser – “Brooklyn”

  1. After hearing “Brooklyn ” I realize that Stephanie was a singer on the rise and that, in collaboration with her musical crew, with very little more effort, she will reach the stardom. Congrats on this new album.

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