Stephanie Jeannot & John Mueller – “Vibrations of Peace”

New York based singer/songwriter, radio show host, and recording artist Stephanie Jeannot shares “Vibrations of Peace” off of her latest album.

The Brooklyn based artist has collaborated with John Mueller from Chicago, IL in her 2020 album The Stephanie Jeannot & John Mueller Project where they share 13 songs on their desire to bring peace into the world, share their love for their hometowns and inspire listeners to follow their dreams.

“Vibrations of Peace” embrace the ability music has to get people out of a dark place such as with the darkness of the pandemic this year and into a space where they can enjoy the peace also entangled within the chaos. It’s a beautiful reminder to bring peace in some way into anything going on in our lives.

The music video displays visuals of creativity, fun, and coming together as one to create something that can bring joy to anyone who watches or listens to the release. Jeannot lets loose as she dances along to the joyful rhythms and while playing the piano while Mueller strums along on the guitar, merging their unique creative endeavors into a soulful release.

Stream “Vibrations of Peace” everywhere today!



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