Stock Footage – “Broken Together”

Stock Footage implements the use of horns and lead guitar lines to blend their pop-inspired songwriting skills in “Broken Together.” Their newest upbeat single takes a look at a relationship between two people as they go through the hard times at the same time and try to make it work with each other.

The Indie-Rock inspired single, “Broken Together,” speaks of finding someone that compliments your imperfections in the best way possible. Its accelerated guitar riffs and driving horn lines exhibit how these instruments can turn a song into an exciting and vital part of an Indie Rock track.

“Broken Together” is optimistic. A true revelation of how people can come together even when other factors in their lives may not be doing the best. Stream the new single on all streaming platforms!

Now based in Brooklyn, New York, the duo continues to create music that makes their listeners feel something. Their most recent EP Anywhere But Here is a solid indication of how far they’ll be going in the industry.

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