Stock Footage Release Eclectic “Broken Together” Album

Stock Footage keeps their fun high energetic feelings from their previously released releases in the new release of their full length album Broken Together. The use of keyboards and lead guitar lines add a specific experience to the pop-inspired melodies.

Producer, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Jake DeRango displays the versatility Stock Footage has gained through their new sounds. The diverse lead single “Broken Together” prepares listeners for a wide range of sounds found in the album, including the edgy “Signal” and emotive ballad “Your Love Is Not Enough.”

“Since starting Stock Footage, I’ve had the goal of writing a full length album and adding a horn section to our sound, and I’m excited that we get to share that vision with the world,” Jake DeRango mentions. “The album is a search for peace and comfort in the chaos of the modern world.”

The standout singles “Broken Together,” “You and Me, “Over and Over Again,” and “Your Love is not Enough” each bring their own distinctive pop hook and structure that leaving the listener eager to hear more music from Stock Footage.

Broken Together is bringing this indie-rock band closer to their goal of impacting larger audiences all over the world.

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