Stock Footage – “You And Me”

Following the release of their eclectic release, “Broken Together,” Chicago-based band Stock Footage returns with a new optimistic song titled “You And Me.”

“You And Me” contains a beautiful message about feeling secure in the direction you’re headed in life. They sing about the joys that other people can bring into our lives, especially in a time where there are so many uncertainties with what’ll come next for us.

While listening to this single, fans will enjoy the jangly guitar and slinky keyboard effortlessly sliding its way through the song while their catchy chorus creates a satisfying range of sound for one to enjoy. This all builds up to a roaring instrumental break that’ll make your eyes pop with excitement!

The duo’s signature sound of indie rock comes together with their positive lyrics in a way that inspires listeners to believe in their journeys and where they’re headed. They remind us that we all have one life to live but we don’t have to go through it alone.

2020 is the year more people will be discovering and adding Stock Footage to their playlists. Start off your journey into their unique and fun blends by listening to “You And Me” and look out for their full-length album to be released later this year!


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