Strategy KI – “Roll It Up” (Prod By BCN)

Strategy KI doesn’t keep fans waiting around for new music to drop. “Roll It Up” sticks out its hand out at you and instantly draw you in for a chill combo of hanging out while listening to this track and letting all your worries disappear.

The track opens up with a minute long intro showing appreciation for the piano-heavy instrumental used throughout the song.

With each new single, Strategy KI proves he’s not only creating memorable melodies – he’s also passionate about putting fire lyrics together to create something unique in his home town.

Members of his recored label, Immortal Musikk, join Strategy KI on this undeniably riveting Urban Grime/Trap cross over. While he engineered and mastered the vocals himself, the single was produced by BCN to assemble a dope track about spending quality time together smoking a blunt.

Although “Roll It Up” is over almost as soon as it started, his calming vocals and fire beats stack up to hypnotize listeners all over the world.


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