Successful – Fadetheblackk ft. b*star & James Scott

New York rapper Fadetheblackk uses his influential words to inspire you to follow your dreams in the newest track “Successful.”

He keeps it real with the realities of living in the hood & the life that we’re living each and every single day. He doesn’t shy away from the grim past he mentions, while growing up “living the same old way.” He raps, “I pledge allegiance to my family & friends/ to the life I once lived/ and for those who pretend/ may I remind you that we dying every minute/ tell you chase your dreams/ but you get shot before you get it.”

The simple beats behind the lyrics keep the focus on Fadetheblackk’s bars, leaving him space to rap clearly into the track. His words flow with each hit of the drum and other instruments. As a listener, each beat and lyric makes its way into your brain, leaving you recalling the words at random times of the day. After listening to this more than 20x today, I can’t stop rapping the song myself.

b*star & James Scott bring unique perspectives to the track – adding their flows. Neither artist sounds the same, which makes it a more enjoyable track. Inspiration rushes through from start to finish, keeping you hooked from the very first verse.

In all honesty, this is similar to the rap songs you’d hear on television shows like the STARZ hit show, Power. Don’t just rely on what I say, listen to “Successful” yourself + Fadetheblackk’s other songs and let me know what you think!


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