Sun Ground – “In Dependence Night”

Sun Ground (aka Antonio Luvarà) makes his debut with differing new singles including “In Dependence Night,” off his up-beat Dance LP Pills.

Mixed in with a variety of neo-psychedelic electronic dance music influenced by other artists, Sun Ground’s LP experiments with his love for analog synthesizers to bring a 30-minute LP that appeals to his listeners all over the world.

This Dance producer surely knows what he’s doing. His creativity shines through on the visual side as he brings to life the beats created in the studio.

The music video shows the progression of a woman’s journey from party to party yet feeling all alone as she stumbles through each new drink placed in her hands. It’s not until she finds a new world inside a flourecent blue and pink home that she feels more in touch with those around her.

Its detailed storyline ends with what feels like a dream, taking the viewer through a confused sensation of not knowing what’s real and what’s fake. Watch for yourself and let us know what you think!

Make sure to connect with Sun Ground on social media and listen to Pills on all digital music platforms!


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