System Of A Down Release Two New Singles After 15 Year Hiatus

Armenian-American metal band System Of A Down is currently running two fundraisers with the proceeds of their newest songs going to the Armenia Fund. Purchases made on Bandcamp plus the pre-orders of their new merch collection will benefit those affected in Artsakh and Armenia.

System Of A Down is now returning in 2020 with “Protect The Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz,” which were both created as a reaction to the recent conflict between Artsakh and Azerbaijan. Both videos have gained over six million views since its release on November 5.

The band is widely known for the release of their 2001 hit album Toxicity, which also launched their fame on an international level. Their albums eventually climbed their way to the No. 1 spot on the charts in 2005, alongside 2Pac, The Beatles and DMX who had achieved the same kind of success. They also won a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance with their song “B.Y.O.B.” in 2006.

“Protect The Land” displays how this fiercely political band came together to boost the morale of our troops and Armenians all over the world. The music video features the unification of the country through footage of protests and clashes in Artsakh, produced by bassist Shavo Odadjian.

For those who haven’t heard their music in the past, we’re introduced to their prowess in creating music that stands for something bigger than themselves with powerful lyrics including: “Our history and victory and legacy we send/ From scavengers and invaders those who protect the land/ Some were forced to foreign lands/ Some would lay dead on the sand/ Would you stay and take command/ Would you stay with gun in hand (with gun in hand)/ They protect the land.”

On the other hand, the second release “Genocidal Humanoidz” picks up the pace taking us back to their amped up sounds in the past. It was first penned a couple of years ago but due to its influential message they were able to bring it back onto the forefront.

The much shorter release doubles down on the immediate need for citizens to fight against everything that’s going on. There will be a video associated with the single coming soon!

As for the creation of these songs, Drummer John Dolmayan sent a group text to System of a Down’s other members mentioning how they had to be a part of what was going on with the countries. He believed they couldn’t stand back and not allow their voices to be heard.

“He wrote and said we need to put everything behind and do something,” bassist Shavo Odadjian told FOX11 LA. “We need to help any way we can. This is bigger than us, bigger than our emotions, bigger than our feelings, bigger than our egos. Let’s go. And right away, Daron responded with here I have something that could save time.”

It’s unclear if this will lead to more music coming from these guys but stay tuned for the positive impact this will have on the countries.

System Of A Down is doing their part in making sure Artsakh and Armenia is taken care of in the best way they know, do your part and donate to the cause! Purchase their new songs on Bandcamp!

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