T-time – “Electronic Symphony Pt.2 “The Electric Blues/Outro”

Independent artist T-time mystifies listeners with his release “Electronic Symphony Pt.2 “The Electric Blues/Outro,” which tunes into his deepest desires when it comes to being a sucker for love and wanting that loving, genuine bond more than anything.

The slow, gentle sounds introduce his singing vocals that lead to honest raps on living life without any regrets and following what you desire. It’s a simple track that grapples at the idea of being yourself with a prolific blend of soothing sounds.

With introductory lyrics like “Talk about the perfect match/ Talk about me/ And you can call me/ Whenever you need” T-time creates his own promises at the very start to the people important to him. “Electronic Symphony Pt.2 “The Electric Blues/Outro” is a beautiful journal entry turned full length song on keeping your word and finding your perfect match. Listen for yourself:

In a short three-minute track, T-time lays it all on the table about how he feels towards love. The pure emotions come in with quick electronic synths blending the smooth raps into a relatable track definitely worth the listen.

Check out this latest release that’ll inspire you to get up today and make some moves towards anything your heart desires in this lifetime.

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