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brillion. Releases Lo-Fi Inspired Album “Bedtime Stories Pt. 3”

Missouri-based producer brillion. releases the third installment of his bedtime stories series, Bedtime Stories Pt. 3. The 20-year old producer encapsulates those nostalgic memories that flood our minds i the late hours of the night. The collection of 15 songs beautifully puts us in a state of reminiscing on what has been while looking forward to what’s coming next in […]

Hyde Out – “Smoke and Mirrors”

Omar Merlo and Jaka Levstek combine their creative musical backgrounds to merge into the indie pop-rock band from London, UK, Hyde Out, now celebrating the release of their latest album Smoke and Mirrors. The 12-song album is a mixture of unpredictable vocal compositions, productions along with vivid lyrical illustrations grasping our attention from the very first song. “Alive” perfectly opens this album with […]

Rita Pam’s Album “Journey” Could Be Her Memoir In Music Form

If you’ve been living under a rock and are only just catching up, Rita Pam announced in July, along with Arzzarine Records, that her third album, Journey, will be coming in 2021. Rita is a formidable songwriter, lyricist, and producer; she has always been guarded about her private life – until now. Rita shared an […]

Interview: KJB Shares Musical Journey & Upcoming New Single “Steady Stepping”

Female rap artist KJB is the newest member of the Unrivaled Records team preparing to release new music. “Steady Stepping” is coming soon from the upcoming album The Everything I Never Said. Read the rest of our interview to get to know this up and coming artist ready to show the world her talent! Welcome to Music […]

Interview: Unrivaled Records Releases A New Album Inspiring The World To Go After Their Dreams

Unrivaled Records is a fresh new independent label led by Daniel Cantrell leading the way for independent artists to showcase their music with professionals in the music industry. With the release of Unrivaled Music, Vol. 1, Cantrell is putting himself on the forefront of the album. Congratulations on the release of your instrumental album, Unrivaled Music, Vol. […]

Interview: I.Am.Tru.Starr Keeps His Head Up In New Album Release “VIVA”

I.Am.Tru.Starr is reeling in the excitement of the release of his newest album VIVA! Check out our interview disucssing the album and inspiration for music: Hello I.Am.Tru.Starr! Thank you for being a part of our interview process! We are excited to have you!  Thank you very much! I’m happy to be here talking with y’all. Hope y’all […]

Holiday Releases Dark, Soothing, & Melancholic R&B Album “Vacayomo”

Some of R&B’s most successful talents endured a meteoric rise to fame out of sheer obscurity. The mystery of artists like The Weekend and PartyNextDoor is part of what attracted listeners to hit the play button on their latest release, and had them focus on the lyrics with more intensity. Holiday shrouds himself in this […]

Tribe Mafia – “Hurt” ft. Rora Wilde

We’re happy to share an early look into Tribe Mafia’s upcoming release “Hurt” featuring Texas-based musician Rora Wilde. Wilde’s powerhouse vocals merge with the rap production enthralled in a Dancehall/Pop/Hip-Hop rhythm that keeps the crowd intrigued with every single one of their releases. Formed in 2010 in Austin, TX, Chinasa Broxton and Dashawn Daniels of Tribe Mafia, have continued to leave their mark in the […]

SirWillyD – “Toxic”

Rock band SirWillyD, fronted by singer William Duncan, has released their latest album Toxic featuring 13 songs incorporating their unique styles while bringing back that old gritty 1980’s Rock feel into the 21st century. SirWillyD currently has two albums and a few singles available to give their fans a taste of what their music is all about. This album puts together the desire […]

Sami Chohfi – “Extraordinary World”

Sami Chohfi finds there’s a bigger purpose in this world than just living it day by day. Described in the single “Extraordinary World,” he ventures out into other countries discovering how his journey across the globe would have a huge influence on his life. “Extraordinary World” assists his desire to help third world children by buying […]

Christopher Dallman – “Lightspeed”

Christopher Dallman shares his upcoming single “Lightspeed,” which will be available on all music streaming platforms on Friday, Sept. 4th before the release of his newest album Digital Blue on Sept. 23. “Lightspeed” comes as the fifth single released displaying his distinctive sounds following “SO HIGH,” which instantly puts a smile on the listeners’ face. It’s one of the few […]

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