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Alex G Releases “Oh Michaelangelo” To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Alex Genadinik introduces listeners to a new love song inspired by the painting The Creation of Adam by Italian artist Michaelangelo created for Valentine’s Day. The melancholic single release shares the deep love found between two people who have grown to care for one another. “Ohhh Michaelangelo/ Painted God and Adam in the sky/ Ohhh Michaelangelo/ In the painting, I see […]

Alex G Spreads Kindness With Translated Version Of “Blue Trolley”

Alex G composes a beautifully produced translation to a song released by the popular Russian-Soviet artist Bulat Okudzhava in this new single about the kindness shared between strangers as seen in a variety of different ways. Translated to “Blue Trolley,” the single details boarding a train only to discover how this seamlessly easy connection to other human beings […]

Alex G Appreciates One “Enchanting Woman” In His Life

Translated from its original Russian version, singer-songwriter Alex G sings about an “Enchanting Woman” who he describes as a beautiful woman he’s encountered with rewritten lyrics expressing his love and appreciating the shared emotion with someone while it’s currently in his life. With influences found in Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Vladimir Vysotsky, Bulat Okudzhava, and Rosenbaum, Alex G produces a […]

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