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Finessen Creates His Dream Life By Focusing On “JUST FAITH”

Atlanta based independent artist Finessen finds himself smiling every day as he remains appreciative of all of the blessings he’s gained over the years while keeping the faith that he was going to make it big one day. In “Just Faith,” Finessen finds solace in the moments of faith that keep pushing him forwards in life. The […]

The Real J Israel Brings Out Classic New Single “Damn Good Man”

Human is name of diverse varieties. There are ample dimensions of human personality. A preacher turned vocalist Real J Israel is the name of that struggle. He is man of religion who spent most of his life preaching the divine message. Nevertheless, the music is his passion. The relation of religion is one aspect of […]

Max Eve – Plethora

Atlanta artist, Max Eve, invites listeners to his world filled with pop/rock sounds and discover your true feelings alongside the nine tracks on his latest release, Plethora. Plethora is the first full length LP where he features vocals and lyrics. Each song combines Pop and Rock music with various styles from the musical landscape to explore a […]

Interview With Artist LATENIGHTJACE On His Latest EP & More

Today, we’d like to introduce you to LATENIGHTJACE. A creative Atlanta artist ready to show the world his many artistic talents while capturing his audiences with his music. Enjoy the interview down below: Catch us up with your life! What are you currently working on? I’ve been working on a few singles. Figuring out what sound I want […]


Atlanta artist LATENIGHTJACE teams up with some creatives in his life to drop a few gems in his second EP Darkest Phase. The EP takes listeners through a futuristic, raw vibe from start to finish as his tracks move through the motions of love and heartbreak. With the help of producer and college friend, Justyin The Composer, Darkest Phase came into […]

King Femi – “Young Queens”

Hip-Hop/Rap artist King Femi from Atlanta, GA celebrates young queens in his latest single release “Young Queens.” “Young Queens” comes after releasing the energetic single “Rolex.” This song is a slowed-down trap song with a smooth flow over the quick moving beats. Although the song moves slower than typical trap songs, “Young Queens” represents all the trap elements found […]

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