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Zainhy Brings Good Energy On “Ballin'”

Zainhy creates a psychedelic and chill vibe with his latest single “Ballin’” displaying him completely in his element as he appreciates the moments of adversity that helped him land on his two feet. The accompanying music video shows Zainhy “Ballin’” in a variety of locations while in a zen, dazed mood moving through his everyday life and enjoying his time with […]

INTRODUCING: Miss Chay Bella – “Ballin'”

American singer, songwriter, performer, author, and actress, Miss Chay Bella, also known as The Rap Princess, releases contagious hip-hop track “Ballin’” featuring infectious pop and R&B vibes. From the first verse, Miss Chay Bella shows her consistent flow and ability to produce hard hitting lyrics in “Ballin’” are no match for other up and coming rappers. She displays tons of talent, grace, and the […]

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